Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grape Cookies

Pinterest is the best because you can find SO many great ideas that you probably never would have known about or thought of yourself.  I saw a great recipe for jello cookies that will work great with our Sweet Pressed Cookie stamp sets on Pinterest and found the recipe courtesy of here.

The best thing about these cookies other than the great color is that they actually taste like the flavor.  I tried grape since my husband is a fan of grape flavored everything and he was going to be the one testing them out the most!  I really wish you could jump into the computer to taste these cookies.  They are delicious!  I was so happy to find that they worked with the cookie stamps and they tasted good!

If you print out the recipe to use with Stampin' Up!'s Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps like I did, please note:
  1. Omit the baking powder so the cookies don't rise during baking and ruin your stamped image.
  2. The recipe calls for 4 different flavors but I wanted to try just one.  I added 4 Tbs. of the grape jello into the batter and saved the rest to roll the dough into.
  3. The recipe mentions "you might need to add food coloring" but the color really doesn't pop until you DO add the food coloring.  I followed the box recommendations for purple to get the color that I liked.
  4. Mix the rest of the grape jello mix with about 2 Tbs. of sugar than roll the dough balls in the sugar mix before putting onto cookie sheet.
  5. Press your cookie stamp into the doughs.  The sugar "should" prevent the dough from sticking onto the cookie stamp.  If not, clean your stamp before pressing into next dough.  If you don't like how your stamp turns out on the cookie, just roll into ball and try again!
I am so excited to try these with all the different flavors of jello.  Next on my list is Strawberry since that is MY favorite!!

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