Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spider-Man 3rd Birthday Party

I can't believe that we celebrated my sons 3rd birthday on Dec 2, 2012! He is getting so big and turning in to such a neat little boy. He has become obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with Spider-Man. We really don't even know how it happened. Before we let him watch any Spider-Man cartoons, he was asking for toys and clothes that were Spider-Man themed. Eventually I found the Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD that he started to watch. He could watch that all day long if I let him.

So needless to say, our theme for his birthday was going to be Spider-Man! I did a bunch of online searching for Spider-Man themed birthdays and found some cute ideas. I didn't get pictures of everything I did but I'm hoping between the guests I can track down all of the pictures. This post will just be about the party and later posts will be how I created the crafts I made.
Our happy birthday boy by his Spider-Man ice cream cake!
The first thing I did was send out these Spider-Man invitations.  Read how to make these cards here.

The next thing I created was a banner to hang. Unfortunately since we call him D.J. it didn't come out too big. My husband made fun of it cause it was so short :( I still think it's adorable. I was inspired by Mary Ross's spider man banner.  Read how I made this banner by clicking here
This will be hanging in his room probably forever!
I found some great ideas on Pinterest.  One of them was comic book letters by The Party Wall.  Click on the link to see a tutorial how to make these letters like I did for DJ.

We had Spider-Man balloons and created a web  using black streamers on our fan to the edge of our dining room.  I am most upset that I didn't get a picture of this to share.

Our food items were red, black and blue themed or I created names to match our food like Super Spidey Sandwiches, Green Goblin Guacamole, etc.

Pinterest also inspired me to try my hand at Spider-man cake pops.  I have never done them myself but after reading and watching videos on how to make them, I didn't think they would be that hard.  Boy was I wrong!  People make things look so easy sometimes.  I had a hard time dipping the cake pops into the chocolate without having the pop fall off the stick and into the chocolate.  I think I made mine too big which caused them to be too heavy.  So I compromised and poured the chocolate over the top instead of dipping and had them be hand held cake pops.  The best part is they tasted good and that's all that mattered.  Here's what two of my cake pops with sticks looked like.
My niece asked to help draw on the spider webs so I let her!
All of the kids went home with a Spider-Man cup and this handmade box with lots of candy and other Spider-Man themed gifts.  Learn how I made this favor box by clicking here

Lastly, I created these thank you cards to mail out.  See how to make this card here
I really had such a blast planning and creating this party.  I am going to try to start doing this more with my Stampin' Up! business.  Who wouldn't want a personalized birthday party like this one?!  Next up is my other sons 2nd birthday which will be car and truck themed!
*I will be updating this post when I have posts written about each craft so stay tuned for how to make each of these crafts.*

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