Thursday, February 4, 2010

My First Party

I haven't figured out the details yet but I have my first party planned for Feb. 28 at 2 pm.  My sister is going to be hosting.  I think I am going to be having at least one make and take project.  I want to use my supplies to make something that if the guests place an order they will receive this small gift.  I'm also allowing my guests to bring their current scrapbook/craft project they are working on to use my supplies to test them out.  Most of my guests have never seen or used Stampin' Up! products so I'm hoping this will get them excited and make some orders.  I'm looking for any suggestions for a first timer.  Thanks!

I have another possible party when I go to Pittsburgh in March.  Let me know if there are any suggestions for March crafts as well.

I checked my tracking for my starter kit and it should arrive tomorrow!!  I'm hoping it comes early in the morning so I can begin crafting as soon as possible.  I have been dying to get my supplies.

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