Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Meeting

I went to my first meeting on Wednesday night. It was with fellow demonstrators so it was great meeting these ladies. I was about 10 minutes late. This was my first time really going out since having my baby in December and I didn't time it right. Plus there was some traffic. When I got there the ladies were working on their projects. It cost $5 to make 5 projects. We made a box, 2 cards and 2 pages for a calendar. It was a lot of fun because this was my first time really using some of the products. It was nice talking to the ladies since I'm a new demonstrator too. They gave me some great ideas to help build my business. I left looking forward to the next one and wanting to get a group together to craft. I kept thinking that's exactly what I want my business to be like, having a group who gets together at least once a month to make projects. I just need to start finding people who are interested in paying to craft. I'm hoping after my first workshop I'll have a few who are interested.

Here are the projects we made

During the crop we also exchanged the cards we made. I was very impressed with all of the cards everyone made. I was definitely motivated after being at the meeting to craft. Here are these wonderful cards.

Our next meeting is March 9th. Unfortunately I won't be able to go because we are flying to Pittsburgh for a few weeks. I'm hoping I can still make the projects they make for this meeting. Each time we are going to make 2 pages for the calendar so I don't want to not have March and April pages. Hopefully the host will keep the supplies for me for the meeting in April.

Let me know if you want to know how each of the projects were made. I can give you a list of supplies needed and you can buy from my site. I can also host a workshop to teach you how to make any of these projects. Contact me if you are interested in making these projects.

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