Friday, February 17, 2012

Craft Fair

This post is WELL overdue but I just haven't had time to write it.  About 3 weeks ago I participated in my first ever craft fair.  It was at a local mall with a Valentine's theme.  I was very disappointed that I chose that as my first fair.  The mall is starting to go under so there's not much traffic through there anymore.  Not being in the area for the last 6 years I was unaware of this.  The other thing is that the promoter didn't do a good job of promoting this event cause a lot of the people I met were shocked there was even a craft fair going on that weekend.  I was a little sad that I spent the money and time to prepare and have it not be a very good one.  I do have to admit that I met some great people and learned what works and doesn't work when I do craft fairs.  It was good experience for fairs I do in the future though.  All I can hope for is that the ladies I spoke to interested in my business will lead to something one day!

Here are some pictures of my tables set up in my space.

Items I had for Sale

Promoting my business with products

More display items

In future posts I will display the items I had for sale along with the supplies needed to make them.  I had a few sales of my cards but no real big takers on my other items.  Most of the moms I spoke to already had their kid's Valentine's to pass out in school.  I think I had the most success with my FREE enter to win.  I got a lot of leads by offering a FREE raffle of product.  This is what the lucky winner won!

If you can't tell from the picture it was retired cardstock, designer series paper, stamp set, ink pad and a coupon for a FREE party or class.  I haven't heard back from the lady who won but hopefully she is enjoying her FREE product!

I have already signed up for smaller, more focused craft fairs because I think I can really start growing my business this way.  There's one in March and April and will be looking for more in the future.  I am going to focus on selling cards but really focus on promoting my business with the classes and workshops I do.  That's how I'm going to grow this business and need to focus on the most!  So stay tuned for posts about my Valentine items.

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