Monday, February 27, 2012

Columbus, OH Regionals 2012

Since resigning up in October I have been really trying hard to grow my business.  I want to take full advantage of everything that Stampin' Up has to offer as a demonstrator.  My goal is to earn an incentive trip to take my husband on to prove that what I'm doing is worth it.  Now I'm REALLY far off from that but it's great to have an end goal in mind.  I also have mini goals that will help me achieve this goal.  One of these goals is to attend Stampin' Up corporate events.  There aren't many times that Stampin' Up offers things close to Pittsburgh, PA.  When my upline Jeni and I found out that Regionals were going to be in Columbus, OH we found a way to attend.  There wasn't going to be anything holding me back from this.  We were planning on driving up that morning to save on hotel cost but Jeni found a room at the Hyatt connected to the convention center and so kindly paid for us to stay there Friday night.  It was so much better to drive Friday night and have a good night sleep.  We were both so excited because this was her first event as well.  The excitement must have worn us out because we were sound asleep before 11pm that night!  At least I was once my head hit the pillow.

We got up the next morning and had a nice continental breakfast included with our room than at 8am signed in and received our make and take supplies along with a ticket for a door prize.  Unfortunately, the doors didn't open until 9 so we had to wait outside the room until they let us in.  Here we are patiently waiting to begin the fun!

Once the doors opened, we found ourselves a table with 4 other very nice demonstrator ladies.  Two were from OH and 2 were from WV.  You could just feel the excitement in the room.  While we were waiting for the show to begin, I just had to take a picture of myself by the projector to prove that I was there doing it "My Way."  That's our business theme for the year.

And who was there to start the show, none other than Shelli Gardner herself!  She is the founder of Stampin' Up!  She got a well deserved standing ovation.  She explained the day and let us loose to begin the morning.  We had 2 make and takes, demonstrator booths and samples to view until lunch.  We did one make and take than took a break to visit the demonstrator booths that gave us some great ideas and tips that I'm dying to try out and share when I do.  After we quickly made our second make and take because it was almost time for lunch.  This is me at our table during the make and take.  I think I had my phone out because I was taking a picture of the finished project to share on facebook.

 While we were at the demonstrator booths, Shelli Gardner was walking around.  I had to grab my upline because she almost walked right by her.  We were both so happy to get to take some time to say hi and thank her for all that she does.  She is such a down to earth, kind hearted lady that I see why her business is so successful.  Here we are with Shelli.  Isn't she just the cutest?!

After a decent bagged lunch, some of the Stampin' Up staff members had demonstrations and than we had a demonstrator do an actual workshop as an example of how we could do one ourselves.  I loved that part of the day.  I know how important these workshop/parties are to growing your business but I never really understand how to have one.  She had some great tips and techniques that she used to make her parties successful.  I'm definitely implementing some of these ideas during my next party.

I am so happy that I can say that I've attended Regionals and learned lots of things from it.  We also got some great things for attending as well.  We will be attending more events in the future.  Our next bigger goal is the annual event, convention that is usually held in July for 3 days.  I don't think I can make it work this year but Jeni and I are going to put it on our calendars for 2013!

Stay tuned for pictures of the make and takes and samples from Regionals throughout this week.

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