Monday, April 7, 2014

My Wish with Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio

I have been meaning to make this for my sister since my wedding which was 7 years ago!  I kept making excuses like "I don't have the time" or "I don't have the perfect supplies to make it."

Then I realized, I do have the perfect supplies and would only take a short time to make it.  How would I do it you ask?  Well it's called My Digital Studio!

I couldn't believe I didn't realize this a long time ago.  Not only could I pick from many different tools but I could manipulate the page to exactly what I wanted it to look like in no time!  I literally probably spent no longer than 30 minutes to create this page.  (I have to admit I didn't pay attention to the size picture frame I bought so had to rework the size of the page after I had it all finished which added maybe an extra 10 minutes)  I will take 40 minutes to finish a project any day though.!

Let me explain the page though.  My sister and I have been best friends for a LONG time now.  We had our fights growing up but grew extremely close in college.  She was my maid of honor in our wedding and played such a big part planning it since I was living in Virginia at the time with the wedding being in Pittsburgh.  My thought was to make this soon after the wedding as a thank you, but going on 7 years later that didn't work out.  So instead it's going to be a birthday present.

Anyways, at the wedding she requested "My Wish," by Rascall Flatts.  If you haven't heard that song or know the words google it cause it's such a touching song.  My sister and I were bawling our eyes out on the dance floor because after the wedding my husband and I were moving to San Diego, CA.  (Little did we know then that she was going to move to San Diego herself in a year!)  The song fit our situation perfectly.

I am getting better and more used to digital crafting.  My Digital Studio is so wonderful in allowing me to grow as a digital crafter.  I feel like I'm expanding what I'm able to do and make with this software.

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