Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

As soon as I saw that Stampin' Up created stamps to make cookies, I had to have them.  I'm not the biggest baker but these just looked too cute not to have!  Plus what a great way to promote my business during workshops, classes and other events with hand stamped cookies!!
I used the one recipe included when you order the cookie stamps.  It wasn't the greatest but I had left over icing from my sons birthday party that I used to make the cookies even better.  I know next time to have icing ready if I use the same recipe.  It comes with another recipe that I will have to try one of these days to let you know my thoughts.

If you haven't seen these stamps, just feast your eyes on these below...aren't they just the cutest?!!
Cookie stamps ready for action!
You use a round wood mount to put the silicone base on than stamp your cookie!  That's all it takes

Ingredients to make recipe (minus salt cause I forgot in picture)

Cookies pressed with simple is that!

Cookies pressed and ready for the oven

Snowflake cookie after baking

Heart pressed after baking

Added icing that will add some flavor!

In the upcoming Occassions mini catalog starting January 4th, 2012, there will be three more cookie stamp sets introduced that you will just have to have if you love these holiday ones. Stay tuned for those shortly after the new year!  I cannot wait to introduce them to you in my upcoming classes!

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